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Molding Machine Services quest to supply a single source of solutions to the plastic processing industry, we have forged a key alliance with CPT to offer Asian Plastic Machinery, coupled with our unparalleled field service and customer support, our customers have come to know and expect. This alliance with CPT, opens an opportunity to offer a line of energy efficient, state of the art injection molding machines, ranging from a Toggle series 55 to 1500 US tons to a Two Platen series with 780 to 3500 US tons clamping force.

The Asian Plastic Machinery Co. ltd of Taiwan was established in 1980 as a subsidiary of Chen Hsong Group (est. 1958) is one of the world’s largest injection molding machine manufactures with 15,000 machines annually. Asian Plastic Machinery markets include North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and India. They are ISO 9001/14001 and CE certified.



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  • Fast acting ten pin toggle system with reduced footprint
  • Ductile cast iron patented platen design minimizes deflection
  • Automatic mold thickness adjustment
  • Automatic clamp force setting
  • SPI mold mounting, ejector pattern and safety standards
  • T-slots for mold mounting 500 ton and above
  • Graphite impregnated bronze bushings with auto grease lube and alarm


  • 780 to 3500 US ton clamping force
  • Large Tonnage, High Performance two-platen machine saves up to 20% of the machine floor space
  • Wide tie bar spacing and large mold opening stroke are ideal for wide or deep draw parts
  • Available with Energy Saving IPM motor and pump drive
  • Ductile cast iron patented platen design minimizes deflection
  • SPI mold mounting, ejector pattern and safety standards
  • T-slots for mold mounting
  • Knock-out connections extremely accessible
  • Moving platen support guides for improved platen parallelism
  • Dual core pull, two stage air eject, water manifolds, robot interface, solenoid indicator lights and many more standard features




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  • Dual Pull Cylinders
  • Linear bearings for sled movement
  • Specialty barrels and screws available for all processing needs
  • Compact two injection cylinder design
  • Piston-Type extruder motor


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CDC-2000WIN Computer Controller (Included in Base Price)

  • Windows CE Embedded Operating System
  • Multilingual Interface with English/Metric Units
  • 10.4” (TFT) VGA Color Display
  • Help Menus / Alarm Logs/ Change Logs
  • 100 Mold File Storage
  • USB Interface
  • SPC
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Injection Plotting
  • Process Monitor
  • Cycle Progress
  • Digitally Set Pressures, Speeds, Times and Strokes


  • Daikin pump, motor and drive system for quality and response
  • IPM Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motor
  • Quiet operation max 68dba
  • 60% Energy Savings compared to variable displacement pumps
  • Comparable Energy Savings to all electric without costly ball screws, belts, bearings etc.