B & R Controls

Molding Machine Services Control Retrofit package from B&R Automation provides our customers with ANY make and model of molding machine. This very cost competitive solution to improved machine and processing control, greater productivity, flexibility, networking capability, improved uptime reliability and maintenance ease. MMS’s service and installation provides an all-inclusive approach to providing you the best control retrofit package at a great value. A state of the art control without the OEM proprietary components

Control installation & Machine calibration to include:

Required machine adjustments to calibrate back to original OEM specifications for the following machine parameters.

  • Machine Hydraulic Pressures
  • Injection Velocities
  • Clamp, injection and ejector positions (included if position control devices are replaced with new)
  • Barrel and oil temperatures
  • Injection, cool and cycle timers

User Interface B&R User Interface B&R 2

Control Features

  • Position-based clamp control
  • Closed loop control for injection velocity and pressures
  • Five injection velocity segments (configurable)
  • Five pack and five hold pressure segments(configurable)
  • Three Extruder &  Backpressure segments (configurable)
  • Core pull and core set software (A1-A5, B1-B5)
  • Core pull and core set timers
  • Three stage air eject software (software & Signals)
  • PID temperature control all zones and nozzle with auto tuning
  • Cold start screw protection with on/off override and soak timer
  • Auto heat start-up and shut down
  • Dual torque/speed range for dual range extruder  motor
  • Quick access to screens.
  • Operator Change Log
  • Multiple levels of password protection
  • Trending/plotting of temperatures, pressures and axis positions
  • Recipe storage for mold data locally (40) or to USB device
  • Alarm log and Alarm History of last 200 alarms
  • Screen capture and save to USB device (any screen)
  • Process monitor and alarms w/bad part output
  • Machine diagnostics of analog and digital I/O
  • English/Metric selection
  • Sprue break timer and sequence
  • Robot interface software (SPI 3.0/Europmap 12)
  • Adjustable mold protect pressure
  • Supplemental machine control electrical diagrams.
  • Adjustable clamp third plate pick-up set points.
  • Ejector retract override set point.
  • Insert molding
  • Ejector Pulse retract w/ multiple pulses
  • Eject stop back in single
  • Eject retract override
  • Additional machine options may be quoted at additional cost.
  • Digital readout of extruder RPM